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GSP A Casualty of Tito's Ego

In a recent interview with MMA Mania, Tito Ortiz decided to sacrifice Georges St. Pierre to his own ego:

Adam Wagner ( So are you saying that a lot of these fighters who we see on television as the faces of the UFC, do you think that behind the scenes, they are commenting on that type of thing but are just afraid to say it?

Tito Ortiz: Of course they're commenting on it. There are all kinds of guys ... Georges St. Pierre, I know he's very disgusted with the UFC, but it's just one of those things where they give him little small things that he thinks are great. He gets a brand new Hummer, like "Wow, I get an awesome new Hummer" (and it) costs 50 grand, and all of a sudden I gotta pay taxes on it, and I gotta pay for gas, and dutta-dutta-duh.

This is a pathetic tactic either way.  If this is a lie, it really shows how low Tito is in general.  If it's true, Tito has no business outing it, and GSP is probably keeping the disagreement private for a reason.

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