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Quote of the Day 2

"BJ, I've seen him broken. In the second fight with Hughes when he was caught on his back and eating those punches and elbows he was just flopping around like a fish out of water. That was a guy that didn't want to fight anymore. I've seen that in a couple of fights where if the fight is not going his way he kind of just says, `F_k it. I don't really care.' You can see it in someone's face.

He's not really fooling anyone with his talk. Maybe that's what he uses to motivate himself but I'm not going to quit. He could be punching my face and I'll come back and get back at him. I've been in so many wars. Look at how many back and forth fights I've been in and I've never given in,"

-- Sean Sherk, reaffirming his claim he's going to break the will of B.J. Penn at UFC 84. Win or lose, Sherk sounds extremely pissed.

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