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What If He Wins?

UFC President Dana White desparately hopes Tito Ortiz will lose to Lyoto Machida on May 24th.  Not only does he want to send Tito out with a loss, he also does not want to risk Tito with a live microphone explaining his win and more with Joe Rogan after his fight.  I almost want Tito to win just to see what he says, and to see the look on Dana's face.

I've been thinking more and more about the perfect storm that is gathering in the form of Pro Elite on CBS.  Right now, Pro Elite is a company tens of millions in the hole with a longshot of any real success.  However, it was just a few years ago that The UFC was even further in the hole and on the brink of yet another sale when television success skyrocketed them to the position they are in now.  If the May 31 show is a ratings hit, Tito and Kimbo win their respective fights, and Tito leaves for Pro Elite, we will have the first legitimate MMA war in the United States.  

A lot has to go right for Pro Elite to make a real run, but the pieces are in place for it to happen with a little luck.  In a little over a month we will know a lot more.

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