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Roy Jones, Jr. Slams Dana White

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If you haven't heard the most recent episode of Sherdog's Beatdown, RJJ makes an appearance and pleads his case for allowing a boxing match between the legendary boxer and UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. What's interesting is how Jones views White's decision not to allow the fight to take place. Jones uses words like "selfish" and "cheat" to describe the decision of White and the UFC brass to prevent the world from "seeing an event."

Clearly Jones knows which side his bread is buttered on. He's the odds on favorite to win, will make a ton of cash and add a new wrinkle to his legacy. But Jones is deeply respectful of Silva, the sport of mixed martial arts and the idea that MMA wouldn't take a hit were Silva to lose. Jones argues if Silva lost, he'd lose in a boxing match, not a MMA fight. Thus, what's the harm? Jones is short sighted, but has the MMA fan mentality: if you won't lose respect for Silva for trying, what's the harm?

Jones comes from a world where the fighters are much more the centers of power and that, in some part, enables him to speak his mind much more freely. And that freedom, even if tainted with blatant opportunism, is still interesting to hear.