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Bad Management and Promotional Follies Limit Fighters

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There's dumb and there's too clever by half, this is just dumb:

The program CBS is offering in May (with Robbie Lawler defending his version of the middleweight championship against Scott Smith) is being assembled by ProElite's EliteXC fight division.

According to Dion, Noons (6-1) tentatively was scheduled to appear on this card, but before EliteXC would offer him a contract, it wanted him to commit to three additional matches under its stewardship. Dion would not commit.

"They're trying to slam-dunk guys into long-term contracts in order to be on CBS," Dion said.

K.J., it's time for new management. That CBS exposure will make entire careers. Missing the chance to appear on the network television MMA debut as the 160lb EliteXC champion will not come again.

And Sam Caplan's most excellent Fight Critic analysis of last nights IFL card points out the dead end that the top fighters in that promotion find themselves in:

Matyushenko and Fabiano are two prime examples of why it is a shame more promotions don't work together. I'd love to see Fabiano take on some of the WEC's featherweights and I'd love to see Matyushenko get a shot at some of the talented UFC light heavyweights. But if the UFC and IFL couldn't come to an agreement to allow Jim Miller compete at UFC Fight Night 13, then there's no chance we'll ever see a kind of crossover where champions are involved. That said, I'd love to see some talent exchanges between EliteXC, Strikeforce, and the IFL. Renato "Babalu" Sobral vs. Matyushenko and Wilson Reis vs. Fabiano would be good fights.

The whole feud to the death between the UFC and IFL is hella stupid. Its not like the IFL is any kind of threat to Dana's dominance both sides should stop getting in the way of fighters getting the best fights.

Update [2008-4-5 14:28:34 by Kid Nate]:

We get mail, reader D S writes:

How can you make the judgment Noons is dumb not to sign when you don't know the nature of the contracts Elite XC is offering? For all you know they could be just as one-sided as a UFC contract or worse.

This is why no one outside the hardcore fans take blogs seriously. For as much self back-patting you guys do about how you know more than the mainstream, you make pronouncements on subjects like this without even attempting to find out all the facts in a situation.

I don't really care how one sided the deal was -- if it gets Noons on CBS during primetime defending his belt, then he should be prepared to give up anything up to 18 months, his first child and his left testicle to make the deal. Thanks for writing though and if you have something to say, please post a comment, cause if you email me, I'll post it anyway.