UFC Fight Night 13 Undercard

Added pictures to Luke's reporting of the preliminary fights.

Roman Mitichyan vs. George Sotiropoulos
Sotiropoulos by ref stoppage in R2.

Samy Schiavo vs. Clay Guida
Guida by TKO in the first.

Jeff Cox vs. Manvel Gamburyan
Manny wins in round 1. Lands harai goshi into side control. Cox scrambles, but Manny lands guillotine forcing Cox to tap at 1:41 of first round.

Marcus Aurelio vs. Ryan Roberts
Aurelio sticks Roberts with a crisp right hand. Roberts is rocked, Aurelio pounces. Roberts rolls and Aurelio granby rolls for a SUPER slick armbar. Roberts taps. 16 seconds into round one.

Josh Neer vs. Din Thomas
Neer wins round 1. Din lands better on feet, but Neer closes distance and gets takedown. Unloads vicious gnp. Din gets back to feet and lands his own takedown. Neer 10-9.

Round 2: Din is exhausted. Round starts with a slug fest. Neer gets takedown, but Din gets his back. Josh escapes. Neer lands another takedown with more groundNpound. Neer ends roundd with flurry. 10-9 Neer

Round 3: More of the same. Neer takes him down and absolutely unloads with groundNpound. Neer cuts Din and Herb Dean has the cut checked. Doctor lets it go. Round ends with Neer letting Din up to have a 15 second slugfest. 10-9 Neer. I have it 30-27 and so do judges. Neer wins same score and earns unanimous decision.

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