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Shamrock results!

Cage Rage spoilers are in this post.  Only read the rest of this entry if you want to know.....

Repeat warning:  Do not click if you don't want spoilers.

Update [2008-3-8 23:58:23 by Nick Thomas]: Picture from Imanari vs Silva. The only fight worth watching tonight.

Ken Shamrock just took his 5th loss in a row in the UK at Cage Rage.  He did it for very little money, against a no-name opponent, in a small match.  Is Kimbo/Shamrock now out the window for Elite XC?  Possibly.  It's at least out the window in terms of April, a commission probably won't let him fight 7 weeks after an early KO.

Gary Shaw is really an idiot for letting him do this fight instead of just signing him to a lot to fight Kimbo.  It's going to be pretty hard to fake it now, and being on CBS in a national spotlight won't make it easier.  Judging from the small video I've seen of the KO...Shamrock would have lasted about 15 seconds with Kimbo.