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Anthony Johnson Talks Pitbulls

I have an up and coming kennel for bully breed pitbulls. Bullies are the short compact pits that I recommend every one should get. I've always had love for the breed of pits and soon as I had the chance of getting one, I hopped on it. They are so loyal and the best friend any one can have.

I don't believe in fighting any dog period...especially this breed. Like any dog, it will do only what it's taught. For example, if you raise a kid to be a killer, he's gonna be a killer. It's dumb people like Michael Vick that give the breed a very bad name. I take very good care of all my dogs and I treat them all the same. All they look for is love and attention and my girlfriend and I give that to them. We spend as much time with them as possible by taking them to the dog park, keeping them social with other animals, and taking them to bully expos in So Cal.

I just got a new pup from Hektik Kennels in So Cal. His name is King Yoda and he's my show dog and placed second in his first show.The only dog to beat him was his brother and his name is Home Boy. Both have some of the best blood in them... Gottiline,Razors Edge,and Greyline... so watch out for these two. They are gonna make some noise in the business in the near future.

HT: Bleacher Report

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