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Lift The Ban Watch: Minnesota Edition

Andover, Minnesota sees fit to commit every single error in the book by believing outlawing MMA will somehow stop teenagers from venting frustration and boredom. To wit:

Capt. Tom Wells of the Anoka County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division said the Andover High School police liaison officer proposed expanding the mixed martial arts ordinance to include outdoor locations because last fall, some students had organized a fight by a railroad bridge underpass, which deputies found on You Tube.

Similar to Blaine, there are laws in place to go after the fighters, but it's harder to go after the organizers and the spectators.

Andover and Blaine's mixed martial arts ordinances allows police officers to cite everyone involved.

Wells said mixed martial arts has not been a huge problem in Andover, but the sheriff's office did not want to wait until it became a bigger problem.

And the beat goes on.

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