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Brainstorming: Chuck at Heavyweight?

I know people will have wide views on this one, and it's VERY unlikely to happen, but what if they did Chuck v. Nogueira in June for the title, now that shogun is out?

I think it is a very good stylistic fight for Chuck, and it will be a great fight for us, but if Chuck wins, there are some huge upsides for The UFC.

  1.  They will have a hugely marketable champion at heavyweight to replace Couture
  2.  One day Chuck/Lesnar is a huge money fight.  And I mean huge.
  3.  It avoids Chuck's inevitable KO loss to Rampage, and thus prolongs his career (he'll probably retire when this happens)
  4.  Even basic title matches against names like Mir will do at least 500k buys, as opposed to Nog/Mir which is a 300k buy show without a big semi main.
  5.  Allows them to really focus on Quinton and all of their upcoming stars at LHW.
Just food for thought

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