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UFC Fight Night 13 Preview: Boetsch Talks Hammill

Tim Boetsch talks to MMA Weekly about his opponent at Wednesday's UFN, Matt Hammill:

Hamill is known for his strong wrestling ability, but Boetsch also considers himself a very good wrestler and sees areas in Hamill's game that he can exploit. "There are definitely some weak points in his game. He always comes forward," he explained. "If you have good striking ability and good footwork, that's definitely something to take advantage of."

Boetsch is confident in all aspects of his game, regardless of if he gets taken down or not. "I don't feel I'm that vulnerable, even if he gets the takedown, but I don't think it's going to come down to that."

The best way for Boetsch to put pressure on his opponent is to make him feel uncomfortable in the cage. "I want to make the guy uncomfortable everywhere. Whether it's pushing the pace of the fight, crowding him, or just doing different techniques that he's not used to seeing to make him uncomfortable.

"Anytime you can get your opponent out of their comfort zone and thinking they're going to tire quicker, they're going to have to think more about what weapons they're going to use or counter strikes they're going to do, that's what my game is," Boetsch continued. "If I can get in there and push the pace, my cardio is great and I'll go to the later rounds if I have to, and push the whole time."

I think Boetsch is clearly the better striker and certainly has the ability to take Hammill out of his comfort zone with unconventional striking. But I think he's also underestimating Hammill's ability to get and ride the takedown. As long as Hammill's knees are better than they were in his last fight, I think the Boetsch/Hammill fight will look alot like Boetsch's loss to Vladdy Matyushenko in the IFL.

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