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Adam Swift: Le/Shamrock "Instant Classic"

Adam Swift marks out for tonight's action:

Only hours removed from the glow, last night's EliteXC-Strikeforce co-promotion, or at the very least its main event, feels like one of those special nights that people remember. From top to bottom this was one of the strongest shows I can recall seeing, with conclusive finishes in every fight, but it was the main event that may transform this from a good show into a legendary show, an "instant classic" in MMA.

The tone for the night was actually set five minutes before the live broadcast began with a brilliant five minute Showtime short interview with Frank Shamrock. It was five of the most effective promotional minutes you will ever see. There was nothing fancy about it, just a get to know you rapid fire interview with Shamrock's charisma turning it into something great. In case you didn't believe he would be one of the biggest draws in the sport instantly with the right television platform, he proved it again later in the broadcast during another promotional piece.

The Shamrock-Le main event is a must see and a rematch is a no brainer. EXC's second CBS date is reportedly set for July, giving Shamrock three months to heal. The politics of the EXC-Strikeforce arrangement have always been difficult and will undoubtedly become more difficult now that both have their own network TV deals, but Le-Shamrock II may be the best fight all of MMA (including the UFC) can offer on network TV right now.

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