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The $100 Project

I didn't really want to get into this too early because my biggest fear was that I'd start to write about it and immediately lose everything.

But my goal was to take $100 and see how far I could take it by betting on MMA (and MMA only).  Of course I took $15 of it and placed a bet on the opening round of the NCAA tournament...because I have no self-control when it comes to major events.  So I screwed myself a little.

Here are the plays I have made so far:

Katsuhiko Nagata +175 against Artur Oumakhanov - Bet $15, won $26.25 -  A solid bet that I felt really good about and one that paid off.

Kultar Gill +550 against Tatsuya Kawajiri - Bet $10, lost - Gill put up a hell of a fight and I don't regret the play at all.

Bu Kyung Jung +550 against Mitsuhiro Ishida - Bet $10, lost - Another bet that I don't regret as my guy with the big odds put up a bitch of a fight.

Gesias Calvancante -175 against Aoki - Bet $25, no action - Glad this was rulled a no-contest rather than a DQ as I didn't lose anything.

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Kala Hose +250 against Phil Baroni - Bet $26.25, won $65.63 - I couldn't have felt more confident in this pick.  I loved Hose putting the beating down.

Thomas Denny -115 against Malaipet - Bet $11.50, won $10.00 - Malaipet's ground game didn't exactly give me any confidence.  Denny was the vet and I figured he'd be able to take the fight to the ground.  Which he did.  The DQ worked out great for me.

Steve Cantwell +115 against Tim McKenzie - Bet $15, won $17.25 - Cantwell's striking is really solid and I didn't think McKenzie would be able to hang on his feet.  It worked out well for me.

Marcus Hicks -140 against Ed Ratcliff - Bet $30, won $21.43 - Initially I was taking Ratcliff here, but the more I thought about the fact that Hicks can hang on his feet with Ratcliff and had such a better ground game I knew where my money would go.

Bryan Baker +290 against Chael Sonnen - Bet $10, lost - I chalk this one up to a bad idea in following my gut.  Life goes on though.

That brought my total to 210.57 - 15 (NCAA bet) = $195.56

So on the MMA bets I've more than doubled up.

As of this morning I had open bets on Frank Shamrock ($30 at -200 to win $15) and Joe Lauzon ($20 at +180 to win $36).  Then I went to check if the odds had changed at all for tonight and saw that Frank had gotten down to -185 so I threw down another $30 to win $16.22 because I feel pretty damn confident in Frank's ability to get things done.

Let me know if you guys find this interesting at all and I'll keep posting updates of the $100 Project's progress.

[editor's note, by Brent Brookhouse]As noted in the comments section. I realize that $100 isn't exactly a fat bankroll. The reason I settled on that amount is is an easy to digest amount and a way to show that you can take an amount that (almost) everyone can spare and do a little something with it.

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