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Rampage's Harsh Words For Wanderlei

Rampage had some harsh words for Wanderlei Silva recently.

I think that if I fought Wanderlei Silva in the UFC I would have beat him. Wanderlei was the chuck Liddell of Pride. If you were beating Wanderlei on the ground, the referee's would stand you right up. It happened to me. It happened to other fighters that fought him.

Me and Silva don't even talk to each other. Silva is the type of guy that thinks everyone should be afraid of him. The way I react around him is different. I am not afraid of Wanderlei Silva. They call him "The Axe Murder" because he destroys people in his fights. They threw him chumps and he murdered them. Look at his record of guys he fought. This guy is "The Chump Murderer".

Of course, for all his posturing about crooked refs and payoffs, none of it changes the fact that he was brutally KO'ed twice by Silva, and nothing the refs did changes the fact that he was outclassed standing.

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