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Jenna Jameson Blasts Dana White

This is juicy:

Dana White - Pre Pubesent Schoolyard Bully
By Jenna Jameson
Dana White's insistance of my lack of brain power smacks of 18th century beliefs that women (all women) are inferior to the male species. Ignoring a persons achievements or simply their IQ due to the fact they have a vagina instead of a penis, explains Danas simplicity. He has a a track record in every conversation, if he needs to describe someone who he feels threatened by, or weakened by... he lashes out in the manner of a 12 year old, by accusing the other of unintelligence. I for one, would enjoy seeing data that backs up his hasty words. In my experience anyone that reverts to this type of defense is simply insecure about themselves, and tend to try to shift the glaring light of truth away from his profane grammatically incorrect rantings. The most interesting story here, is the silence by the UFC. How do they sit back, silent, and allow their "figure head" to endanger the worth of their empire?

Business must be tended to with a level head, or it usually self implodes. We all are starting to witness the Dana White propaganda wheels being set in motion with every new self agrandizing Dana interview. When are the Fertitas going to step to the plate and put a sock in Dana's hate spewing mouth? It seems to be depreciating their companies worth with every syllable. It is plainly obvious that it isn't just a coincidence that so many champions have chosen to test the waters beyond the UFC trainwreck. Their defection to greener pastures is no longer just a money issue, but more of a continued lack of disrespect on Dana's part. It troubles me that this could be the downfall of such a ground breaking monumental company, all due to one mans over abundance of testosterone. In closing, maybe the UFC should mandate steroid testing to company presidents, then maybe the company could continue its massive dominance... with a soft hand.

and that's all I have to say about that...

Oh, this is going to be good. I'll weigh in on this later this morning.

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