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Boxing Does it Again - Katsidis vs. Casamayor Highlight

This weekend boxing continued its fantastic year with a slugfest between one of my personal favorite boxers in Joel Casamayor and Australian brawler Michael Katisidis.

I'll let my boy Scott from BadLeftHook explain what was up:

It's no exaggeration: from the introductions of the fighters, to the staredown at center ring, there was something in the air. And Joel Casamayor and Michael Katisidis delivered on the tension in the building with a knock-down, drag-out, action-packed barnburner of a fight, better than anyone could have expected. When all was said and done, Casamayor found himself back in the real mix at 135 pounds, knocking the warrior Aussie out in the tenth round.

It was a hell of a fight, mean-spirited and nasty all the way, and I feel bad for anyone that passed on it.

I strongly suggest you catch a replay on HBO this week, but if you can't here is the fight in convenient 9 minute form:

Casamayor has always been a guy who takes more punches than he should and throws reckless bombs, and that vulnerability is part of what has always made me a fan.  Unfortunately Joel also has nights where he just doesn't really seem to show up to fight...luckily for all boxing fans this wasn't one of those times.

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