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Roy Jones vs. Anderson Silva Betting Line Released

This means absolutely nothing obviously but it is still pretty funny honestly.

Bodog has released the following line for Anderson Silva vs. Roy Jones:

Roy Jones Jr. -2800
Anderson Silva +1400

The rules of the bet state that the bout would have to be under boxing rules and take place in 2008 for it to have action.  So under boxing rules that seems about right.  Silva's hands are very good in MMA but compared to a trained boxer (one of the greatest boxers of all time no less) and put the big gloves on and you remove most (if not all) of the "puncher's chance" element.

The max bet on this line is $100 so it is more or less pointless to put anything on Jones...and since the fight won't take place in 2008 (and likely never) it's pretty much a waste of time to put money on either guy.  Especially considering that Dana White has said he would only let the fight happen if it were MMA and in the UFC.

But still, quite a bit of insight into the chance that oddsmakers give Silva were this boxing match to ever take place.

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