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UFC Fight Night 13 Preview: Joe Lauzon Sizes Himself Up

He thinks the picture is a little more complicated than it looks:

"One thing I have in my favor is my unpredictability. Maybe in a straight boxing or Jiu Jitsu match Kenny would beat me, but you put everything together and that's where I'm best," Lauzon says looking towards his April 2nd Spike TV Fight Night showdown with Florian.

Though Lauzon clearly respects Florian's abilities, he also doesn't accept the notion that Florian is simply more advanced at the different elements of fighting on their own.

"I don't know. I think on the ground if you put me in a gi he'd choke me out but out of the gi I figure I'd do pretty well. Stand-up wise, Kenny has good kicks and may have the better total package but I have ways to deal with that. My transitions are stronger, I have cardio and I'm more explosive. He's a good athlete but if you'll notice his arms are real small for his fights, he looks sucked out. I'm not the thickest guy either but I'm pretty explosive for my size, very technical and have strength good with a good base," Lauzon says.

"I'm more explosive with wrestling and things like that. I think I'm better at putting things together. I've knocked out guys that have better stand up than me but because of how I put things together I've done well. I've gone against real good wrestlers, submitted guys with real good Jiu Jitsu. I don't think I'm the typical guy. I'm not the sum of my parts, you have to multiply my parts. I'm not too worried. I don't think I'm out-matched in skills at all," Lauzon continues.

When Lauzon says he puts things together well, I think he's referencing his speed and decisiveness in the transitions. He can throw a hook, shoot a double and if that is stuffed or somehow blocked, immediately granby roll for a knee bar. In this space, he excels and it does, indeed, make up for some shortcomings in single disciplines. I also think he is the more explosive athlete of the two and has the better wrestling. I don't know about the cardio and I'm really curious to see how the high altitude affects him.

My problem is I just don't know if this is enough against Florian. It will give Lauzon some decision making power over the fight's location, but either standing or on the ground Florian is hard to hurt and/or submit. So can Joe win by grinding out a three round decision against Florian a la Sherk? I have my doubts.

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