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Short Rant

Ok, this is starting to piss me off.

I spend a large portion of my day reading and a large portion of that reading takes place online. Specifically, other MMA blogs. I like to see things I've potentially missed, read different perspectives and see how others create original content.

The problem is that a few blogs and bloggers have become very lazy. So lazy, in fact, that they don't even have the goddamn common courtesy to cite other sources when they borrow material.

You'll notice that when I see a video I want to post on another site, I'll post it on mine but include a "HT:..." citation to make sure others know I give them credit for their find or borrowed material. Apparently that practice is anathema to the habits of some MMA bloggers currently writing.

Look, if you lift material from another blog (messageboards can be a different call) and you don't cite where you got it from, you are fucking weak. Seriously, you are fucking weak and I see right through you. It's pretty pathetic to cite news or post videos without acknowledging where you got it from, which means if you engage in the practice, then you, too, are also pathetic.

Knock it the fuck off. Give a little credit to the bloggers who create or find interesting content. Don't be a pathetic, B-level blogger too lazy or too arrogant to give credit to anyone else. Now.

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