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Only Nuclear Winters Scare Brian Stann

As a former Marine I just get sick and tired of the Corps and military service in general being CONSTANTLY used by journalists to create a heroic narrative. Stann served his country and I admire him for that. Greatly. But let's move on. Let's talk about Stann the fighter in 2008, not Stann the Captain in 2005. This is example of what not to do:

The opportunity is a shot at the light heavyweight title and while many fighters could potentially fold under the pressure of a fight of this magnitude, as an active Marine that has served in Iraq, Stann has faced more pressures in his life than most would deal with in 10 lifetimes.

"You've just got to put everything else aside. Yes, it's a fight, and yes, it's for a title, and Doug's a good fighter, but at the end of the day no matter what happens in that cage, what's the worst that's going to happen to me? Maybe a broken nose, a concussion? In the big picture it's nothing," Stann said about his perspective going into the fight. "My family's still healthy, I'm still healthy, and God willing me and Doug walk out of the cage unhurt on a serious scale, so I just don't see, there's not a lot really you've got to get worked up for."

I'm not going to fault Stann for using his background to further his career, but I just think it kind of cheapens the honor when it's used over and over and over. But that's just me.

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