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ShoXC Malaipet Interview

This interview took place prior to his first ShoXC fight in October against another kickboxer in Kaleo Kwan (whom he destroyed). I realize I'm a huge mark for Malaipet, but it's partly because I'd like to see more traditional Thai boxers make their way into MMA. I think they'd be a healthy addition to the sport, so when one of the better ones makes his way over I try to nurture that development.

Also, check out the video after the jump. It's Malaipet hitting pads in jab-high kick combos. His technique is near flawless. Look at his bottom heel when he goes to kick and notice how it's lifted in the air as he stays on the balls of his feet. Then notice just how much he puts his body into by turning his hips all the way through.


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