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UFC 82 Take-Aways

Anderson Silva is a cut above:  After going 5 rounds against Quinton Jackson without ever being in trouble, Dan Henderson was crushed by Anderson Silva.  It's hard to know where they go with Anderson Silva next.  Matt Hughes has talked up moving up to fight him, and that is an intriguing fight.  Wanderlei Silva moving down is also a possibility.  Who knows at this point?  Maybe they should use him as some sort of punishment mechanism for fighters that have shitty fights.  If you bore the crowd, you have to face Anderson Silva.  Better than a yellow card, right?

The element of surprise Is overrated:  Instead of using his stellar kickboxing, Kongo decided to surprise Herring by taking this to the ground.  Unfortunately, Kongo still stinks there, no matter what Rogan says.  There's a reason Chuck doesn't surprise people by pulling guard and going for submissions.  Stick with what you're good at.

Jon Fitch is no longer a lock for a title shot:  Fitch's win tonight was actually pretty underwhelming.  In all honesty, I see GSP crushing him, I don't see much point in doing that fight.  If Karo has a thrilling fight and beats up Alves badly, I could see UFC giving him the next title shot.

Second time is not a charm:  The crowd tonight was nowhere near as good as it was for UFC 68.  The same was true when the UFC returned to Sacramento last year.  It seems like they draw big, excited crowds for their first time in a city, but face a more jaded crowd the second time around.  Part of the problem is they often start off cities with amazing cards, and the second is a letdown.  There's something to be said for slowly building.

Update [2008-3-2 8:37:23 by Nick Thomas]: Staff Predictions Results for 2008. After going 9 for 10 last night, I've managed to sneak into first place.

Luke Thomas: 7/10 (Henderson, Kongo, Tanner)
Kid Nate: 6/10 (Henderson, Cummo, Hazelett, Halverson)
Brent Brookhouse: 8/10 (Tanner, Halverson)
Michael Rome: 6/10 (Henderson, Tanner, Cummo, Halverson)
Nick Thomas: 9/10 (Kongo)

Luke Thomas: 34/56 - 61%
Kid Nate: 28/44 - 63%
Brent Brookhouse: 25/41 - 61%
Michael Rome: 30/45 - 67%
Nick Thomas: 31/45 - 69%