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Bad Planning Frankie

MMA Weekly has a puff piece/interview with Frankie Edgar in advance of his UFN match against Gray Maynard. They point out one factor I hadn't considered, the altitude in Denver, Colorado:

The UFC hasn't been to Colorado in years, and the venue's location does possibly provide at least one interesting challenge for the men who will be competing there... it's a mile high.

It raises the question of whether the higher (than average) altitude will affect the fighters' performance in the cage. Edgar, however, is not concerned.

"I think you give yourself a couple of days to get acclimated to it and you're pretty much good to go."

Frankie my boy, you're making a big mistake. While Edgar is red-hot and proven against top competition like Tyson Griffin and Spencer Fisher, Maynard is no joke and his wrestling threatens to neutralize a key part of Frankie's game. Edgar should still have the edge standing, but if he doesn't finish it quick, rounds two and three could be murder against Maynard who trains in Vegas with Xtreme Couture. Easterners who compete in the high altitude west without preparing are in for a rude shock. I might just have to rethink my pick in this fight based on this info.