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Cro Cop vs Kharitonov at DREAM 4


According to the Sport Index at, Mirko Filipovic will be fighting Sergei Kharitonov at the upcoming DREAM.4 event in mid June.

According to the article, Crocop was suppose to fight Kharitonov at the recent DREAM.1 event but Mirko turned down the bout stating that Sergei would be too tough a match for him after a six month break.

The official announcement of the bout will apparently be made at DREAM.2 which is set to take place on April 29. Olympia DREAM.2 will be the first round of the Middleweight GP.

Now that's what I'm talking about. Great matchmaking. Credible opponents. Competitive fight that will mean something in the bigger scheme of things. Is Cro Cop back? Is Kharitonov a top ten heavyweight? Is DREAM the resurrection of PRIDE?