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UFC Fight Night 13 Preview: Joe Lauzon

Joe Lauzon will be taking on Kenny Florian in the main event for UFC Fight Night 13 and I, for one, am having great difficulty forecasting an outcome. On the one hand, you have Lauzon: a fighter with technically more experience, aggressive wrestling and takedowns, solid ground and pound and decent striking. On other is Florian, a black belt in jiu-jitsu with very solid striking and an underrated toughness. But there are also a lot of questions left. We don't know how much Lauzon's wrestling will come into play nor do we really know how much BJ Penn's training and influence will help. Conversely, Kenny Florian's new-found aggression will be a stiff challenge to Lauzon, who despite having more experience can often wilt under sustained pressure (and particularly by those with strong grappling pedigree). This fight is going to be extremely close and unless you've rolled or sparred with both fighters, it's very hard to gauge where their abilities lie at the moment.

Oh yeah, and Lauzon has very good leg locks, too. He was a terror on the grappling circuit before he ever made the leap to MMA.