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DREAM Planning CroCop vs. Fedor 2?

From Rory MacLeod over at

The producers of DREAM, the new Japanese MMA promotion borne out of the ashes of PRIDE and K-1 HERO'S, have set forth their "dream" match for the annual end-of-year fight festival known as Dynamite: a rematch between former PRIDE aces Fedor Emelianenko and Mirko "CroCop" Filipovic.


While the DREAM producers are excited at the opportunity to stage a rematch of one of the biggest PRIDE fights ever, the bout would be contingent on the success of each fighter during the interim. A source indicates that both Emelianenko and Filipovic are expected to compete at least once more for DREAM in the meantime.

It's quite a ways off, but huge news nonetheless.  DREAM has been pretty insistent through their representatives and video packages during the DREAM.1 broadcast that they consider Fedor one of their stars.  I imagine we'll see another CroCop/Mizuno type matchup (and a similar level fight for Fedor) to A) protect both fighters heading toward NYE and B) because the Japanese crowds eat it up.

Obviously a lot of things could change in the next nine months (Fedor the the UFC?) but DREAM is proving that it is going to be aggressive and ambitious in establishing its place as an absolute top-tier promotion.

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