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Is Boxing Outperforming MMA in 2008?

I think I've said it enough to not have to remind everyone...but I'll say it again: I don't believe in the idea that boxing and MMA are in some sort of competition.  But, I do think that the rise of MMA is directly responsible for the much improved matchmaking throughout the world of boxing over the past two years.

MMA fans by and large seem to hold onto the idea that the sport has been putting on much more competitive bouts than boxing, but a conversation with Scott from BadLeftHook earlier this evening really had me questioning which sport has been featuring the best fights since the start of the year.

This year alone boxing has been witness to:

Admittedly Taylor/Pavlik was a bit underwhelming so it could be left off the list but I can't think of a single fight in the MMA arena this year that has delivered the combination of action and importance of the above fights.  Maybe Sylvia/Nogueira in that it was two top level heavyweights while also delivering an exciting fight.  But other big fights like Silva/Henderson haven't exactly delivered a steady flood of action.  The middleweight title fight was certainly good, but not great.

The one place where MMA remains much more consistent is the undercard bouts.  The biggest boxing main events are still generally topping cards featuring mismatches and fights between guys who will never factor into the big picture of the sport.

Am I right?  Has this been the year of boxing's top fights outperforming MMA or am I just forgetting some great fights from our sport in '08?

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