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Quote of the Day 2

One of the scariest things about political websites and blogs is the idiocy of many commenters.  It becomes truly frightening how many deranged people there are.  This is from a commenter Luke Thomas replied to at Matthew Yglesias's blog

1) The point is that UFC , WWF, etc reflect the George W Bush mindset -- a swaggering, blustering bully who deserves to be exposed to a tiny taste of real combat as a check on a vicious ego.
  1. That's why UFC , WWF are popular with the George Bush red state crowd -- the group that shits on the rest of the world, which causes the deaths of untold number of children and women and which then claims to wear the white hat in a staggering display of staged hypocrisy. Which bleats that the "Terrorists don't fight fair" and asks "Why do they hate us?" -- when the answers fucking clear to anyone who's not a moron.
  2. I deeply respect Army soldiers and Marines. That is why I have contempt for "athletes" who get rich by pretending to be "warriors". Anyone who has ever buried a friend knows that combat . aggression , and war is something to be avoided if possible-- not glorified

Who knew the UFC was a giant neocon conspiracy?  Richard Perle must be involved.

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