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Luke Thomas: Representin'

Smarty pants librul political blogger Matt Yglesias put a post up on the Atlantic web site about John McCain's anti-MMA stance (he calls it a "ban everything" view) and some knucklehead poseur had this to add in the comments:

1) This stuff is all bullshit, anyway. Any half-way decent fighting method is too dangerous for sporting events.

If these oafs went up against a real fighter, they would be down in two seconds: their knee joint shattered by a kick and their windpipe crushed by a punch. Plus cranial bleeding from a kick to their temple.

"Dueling" is a stupid mindset -- on a battlefield, you destroy you enemy quickly. Because if you dick around waving your hands, his buddies will stick a knife in your kidney.

2) In the days when men carried 45s , you didn't have this Roman circus/bloodsport perversion.

Posted by Don Williams | March 13, 2008 9:26 AM

I was angrily formulating a reply when I scrolled down a bit and saw that our own Luke Thomas had already chimed in:
Don, you are perhaps the biggest moron on the planet. I qualify with "perhaps" because I need to hear more of your incoherent ramblings before I can definitively decide if, in fact, you are the biggest moron on the planet. Rest assured, though, that you are certainly in the running.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) isn't bullshit or anything approximating "half-way decent". It's a very real sport with exceptional athletic talent who are highly trained in various disciplines ranging from amateur wrestling, Judo, jiu-jitsu, kick boxing, western boxing and more. Three of the disciplines I just mentioned, btw, are Olympic sports and it just so happens that fighters such as Matt Lindland (Silver Medlaist in Greco-Roman, 2000 Sydney Games), Hidehiko Yoshida (1992 Gold Medalist in Judo), Pawel Nastula (1996 Gold Medalist in Judo), Randy Couture (2x Olympic Alternate), Dan Henderson (2x Olympian in Greco-Roman) and Johnny Hendricks (3x NCAA National Champion Wrestler), Mark Hunt (K-1 World Champion), and Chael Sonnen (3x All-American NCAA Wrestler) all boast elite athletic accomplishments.

But don't believe. Come see for yourself. I invite you to come down to our gym, and come see how "bullshit" training and sparring in MMA really is. You seem to believe it's a whole lot of nothing, so I suspect you don't really mind getting on the mat and showing national champion wrestlers, world champion jiu-jitsu players and professional MMA fighters just how "bullshit" their sport really is.

Posted by Luke Thomas | March 13, 2008 9:38 AM

'Nuff said.

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