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Roy Jones Jr. Wants To Fight Anderson Silva

Ok, I promise, I will only post on this from now on where there is concrete news, but MMA Weekly does have something substantial up:

According to Soares, however, there are other people who think there might be some merit to putting Silva up against Jones in a boxing ring.

"I just spoke with Roy Jones' management and they are very interested in it. They think it would break all kinds of pay-per-view records. It all kind of started as a dream of Anderson's, but if the UFC would back it, it is something that we really would like to pursue."

Jones' management indicated that this could be a fight that would bring together the fractured factions of boxing and mixed martial arts. "They think it will actually bring together the boxing and MMA communities," said Soares.

Yeah yeah, I know the odds are against it happening, but when two parties want it it becomes more likely.

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