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Quote of the Day

"What I think is going to happen - right now you see a bubble. I think you'll see some kind of conservative backlash. Right now you have a lot of immature talent. There's no real pathway for the talent to be developed - there's no amateur league where guys can learn how to fight and compete. The sport basically started on pay-per-view, from the top down yet continues to endure. People will become more educated as to what they're watching. As far as the fighting goes, it will become much more exciting, much more technical and [aesthetically] pleasing . MMA is in like the bare-knuckle era as where boxing once was. What it has to do is be given time to grow up. The sport is really just starting right now. Slowly, the public will become educated about and appreciate all the different technical aspects of the sport and athletes will develop without a strict adherence to a distinct art or style."

-- Rico Chipparelli, commenting on the state of contemporary MMA and where the sport is likely headed.

Faster, please.

HT: Fight Opinion