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Jake Rossen Channels Dana White

He's had enough:

What's really for sale, then? A nearly anonymous foreign fighter who speaks little English, sports a dumpy physique and hasn't been pushed in a fight in years. Call it sacrilege, but Kimbo Slice is poised to sell more pay-per-views than Emelianenko -- at a fraction of his price.

It's ironic that Emelianenko's value revolves solely around a shaky claim to being the sport's best, yet he continues to do nothing to substantiate it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The fact is the first round of negotations and crazed speculation that emanated from Fedor's first stint in free agency was enormously taxing for fans and insiders alike. The second round promises all the hemming and hawing, but this time with a tenth of the significance. I, too, have had enough.

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