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Chuck Norris Is a Moron

Seriously, the man has no shame:

"It's the most exciting three minutes of mixed martial arts anywhere," Norris says. "The WCL had a 34-percent knockout rate, which is tops in any sport. If a fighter tries to slow the pace of the fight down, they will be penalized for passivity."

First it's "knock outs, not tap outs", now he's trying to redefine MMA as kick boxing? If Norris thinks watching tier-two MMA washouts fight with pants on in the middle of empty civic centers for teams no one cares about, remembers or cares to remember, then he couldn't be more right.

When I want to watch good kick boxing, I'll stick to K-1. Until then, I'd prefer it if Mr. Norris stuck to what's worked in his career: selling Total Gyms and showing up in sundry places for photo opportunities while not saying much. Less is so much more with you, Chuck.

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