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B.J. Penn's Next Move

Yep. You guessed it. After Sherk, who else is there for him at 155 pounds? Training partner Joe Lauzon explains:

"I don't really want to be thinking that far ahead, but I don't think BJ's gonna hang around '55 very long," he said. "I think 100 percent that he's gonna beat (Sean) Sherk (at UFC 84 in May), and then whether he fights one more time or he just goes up, I think he's going after (Georges) St-Pierre at 170. Regardless of whether St-Pierre wins or loses (against Matt Serra in April), he wants St-Pierre.

I personally have no problems with this. A mildly in-shape Penn was tough at welterweight, so an in-shape Penn should be a terror. He gave GSP everything he could handle while being in "gym shape", which is saying something. Just make sure you get through Sherk first, ok, BJ?