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Putting Dana White to The Test

There are two comments made by Dana White about Gary Shaw, one more specific than the other, and the latter deserves to be verified. The first:

"And if we were getting competition, it's not coming from Elite XC and both of the people who are watching their shows. This guy is a low-level bottom feeder. He didn't like MMA a few years ago, but when he finally couldn't make money at boxing any more, he came over to this sport to try to leech money out of it."

And the second, by far the more specific of the two:

"We'll see who's around in five years, me or Gary Shaw. There's some ego for you," White said. "The reality is I know what the (expletive) I'm doing and Gary Shaw doesn't. If you go and search Gary Shaw and mixed martial arts (on the Internet), this guy was saying five years ago that mixed martial arts was a joke. (He said) it's not a real sport, these guys are barroom brawlers. Now that fat, bloated (expletive) is running around acting like he loves mixed martial arts."

To be sure, Dana White has been a fan a lot longer than Shaw, although he himself is also a convert from boxing. And it wouldn't surprise me if White were right about Shaw previously making derogatory comments about MMA before seeing monetary opportunities. The problem is I haven't been able to find any record of Shaw saying anything negative. That doesn't mean he didn't, but unlike Bob Arum or Don King, there isn't a clear record of disgust. In fact, the only thing I could find was this:

"I've been aware of the MMA world since the late 1990's," said Shaw, who is a former inspector for the New Jersey State Athletic Control Commission. "When I was on the New Jersey Commission we couldn't regulate it at that point because we thought it was like the Wild West. My son Jared, who is 26 and is a huge fan, said `Dad, you have to get into it.' But I said, `Look, I'm a boxing promoter - that is what I do.

Again, it may not even really matter that Shaw made negative comments about MMA. At some point, everyone becomes a convert. It's hard to hold a grudge about old comments once someone has seen the light. But nevertheless, I just thought I'd put this out there: if you can find anything Gary Shaw has said or written prior to his engagement with EliteXC about mixed martial arts, please post it in the comments section of this thread. I wouldn't be surprised if he has, but I'd also like to know if White is exaggerating the extent to which Shaw may have viewed MMA: was he outright negative or perhaps just a little indifferent or maybe even even neither?

Let me know what you find.

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