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UFC 82 Live Results - Anderson SIlva vs. Dan Henderson

Starting at 10:00pm EST I will be providing live results and thoughts on the UFC 82 pay-per-view.  Please feel free to comment on the fights in the comment thread.

One rule, no undercard results allowed!  Until the PPV ends we will not spoil any undercard fights as I don't know which fights will be broadcast in the case of extra time left on the PPV broadcast.

So keep clicking refresh for results as they happen.  And don't forget to check out Any Given Saturday starting at 1:00am EST.

The broadcast has started, and the first fight will be up shortly.

Jon Fitch vs. Chris Wilson - Round 1 - Fitch is pushing forward early which is a good plan to prevent Wilson from getting comfortable. Quick clinch and a few knees by Wilson. Wilson with a straight punch that lands. Right/left combo glances off Wilson's face. For the second time Wilson fends off a takedown and starts to land solid shots and Fitch's legs don't look all there. Wilson looks really great early. Finally Fitch gets the takedown but no action causes a standup. Fitch catces a leg kick and gets a takedown and avoids Wilson's omoplata attempt. This time Fitch is able to land a few shots from the top but does eat a few elbows from the bottom. 10-9 Wilson on my card.
Round 2 - Wilson's takedown defense is really solid. Fitch gets a takedown basically off of a Wilson slip. Fitch works the body from the top occasionally going back to the head. Pass to side control followed by som elbows and hammerfists. Fitch briefly had mount but Wilson did a nice job getting half guard. Wilson tried to scramble but Fitch grabbed side control again. The round ends in that position. 10-9 Fitch (Total: 19-19).
Round 3 - Fitch with two leg kicks that land and one in return by Wilson. Fitch misses a high kick. Left/Right combo lands well for Fitch. Rogan and Goldberg seem to think Fitch won the first round...which is just flat wrong, takedowns which lead to nothing are meaningless. Right hand by Fitch briefly buckled Wilson's legs. Fitch has taken over the standup here in the third and looks very fresh. Double-leg by Fitch and he has just outpaced Wilson over the second half of the fight. Fitch is working his best GnP of the fight. Wilson has a triangle locked in with 20 seconds left. Fitch rides it out to the bell. 10-9 Fitch (Total: 29-28). Judges Scorecards: 30-27, 29-28, 30-27 Jon Fitch wins by unanimous decision.

Quick showing of the Mark Coleman UFC Hall of Fame induction earlier in the night. Rogan is now sitting down talking to Coleman who is saying he wants back in the cage. They are announcing In August Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Coleman. Smart matchmaking by the UFC, it's got name value beyond any other "easy" matchup for Brock and as Kid Nate said...Coleman deserves a nice payday.

Yushin Okami vs. Evan Tanner - Round 1 - Tanner looks light on his feet off the open. Evan looks like he is wanting to follow a punch in to lock up with Okami. Right hand lands by Tanner and so does a left hook. Straight left by Okami drops Tanner and Okami pounces but Tanner reverses and gets a brief takedown. Back to the feet with Tanner pushing Okami against the cage. They separate and Tanner hits an inside leg kick. Right hand lands for Tanner. Okami is controlling the pace a little bit through some solid boxing. Using his long arms to maintain distance. 10-9 Okami.
Round 2 - Tanner is working the leg kicks. Big body kick by Okami staggers Tanner. Tanner looks a bit hesitant to pull the trigger. Okami lands a few more sharp punches. Tanner is frustrated now. He needs to change things up desperately because Okami is picking him apart. Okami throws a knee and Tanner drops like a stone. It's all over. Yushin Okami wins by KO (Knee) Just a beautiful performance by Okami. I wouldn't say Tanner looked bad, Okami is just a beast.

Chris Leben vs. Alessio Sakara - Round 1 - Leben is pushing the action but he does eat a left hook from Sakara. Sakara is landing the better shots early but they aren't hurting Leben. Leben finally lands a few of his own Two really good shots by Sakara now but Leben fires back. Leben hurts him with a series of uppercuts followed by a left hook and Sakara goes down. Leben is pounding Sakara from the top and Alessio's arms drop so the ref jumps in. Sakara complains but you can see in the replay that Sakara didn't seem all the way there. Chris Leben wins by TKO - Ref Stoppage (punches) Sakara is still upset but when you drop from a punch and eat more big shots on your's going to get stopped.

The text poll has swung and Hendo is now a 2% favorite of the voters.

Cheick Kongo vs. Heath Herring - Round 1 - Herring looks to be in good shape, I'm very glad to see he has kept himself very dedicated. Kongo...looks like a monster as always. They're really trying to sell this fight as a battle of strikers. Herring flies over and rocks Kongo with the first punch he throws. Kongo is having to hold on and now pushes Herring against the cage and takes him down. Heath goes for a kimura but eats a lot of big shots and they're gack to standing. Kongo with another takedown. It's opposite day I guess. Herring sweeps to top position and Kongo tries to use the cage to scramble to his feet but Heath stops him. They do go back to the feet and Kongo gets another takedown and lands up against the fence in a mount. Herring reverses and they're back to the feet. Kongo ends up back on top Herring sweeps Kongo, Kongo sweeps Herring. Really rough pace being worked here by both guys. Round ends and it was a very good round for Kongo. 10-9 Kongo.
Round 2 - Kongo with another takedown and he is pouring on the pressure. Upkick lands for Herring. Restarted on the feet and Herring charges in recklessly again. ANOTHER takedown by Kongo. This is an all-around performance by Kongo, much more impressive than the Cro Cop fight in my eyes. Herring gives up his back and is looking for the kimura again. Nice sweep to north-south by Herring. Big punches and elbows to the body, that is a smart idea. Knees to the body from side control now. The knees aren't stopping and Kongo is looking like they might be starting to effect him. The round ends and it was a hard one to score. I'll give it to Herring as I think the knees for the last minute plus were the most damaging blows of the round. 10-9 Herring (19-19 total)
Round 3 - Low kicks thrown at the same time and Heath briefly had a guillotine but Kongo's head popped out. Heath rolls to his stomach and turtles up grabbing an arm again. Back to standing...and then Kongo forces Heath down again. Herring reverses and is in side control. Heath is in north-south now but isn't able to do much damage without knees to the head from the position were this PRIDE he'd have won the fight from this position. Side control now and Herring is working punches and elbows to the head along with more of those knees to the body. Kongo has eaten a LOT of those knees over the past two rounds. Herring gets the full mount and is landing some more punches as the round ends. 10-9 round for Herring. I've got it 29-28 Herring but can certainly see the same score going the other way. Judges Scorecards: 29-28 Herring, 29-28 Kongo, 29-28 Herring Heath Herring wins by split decision. Even with the loss I feel a lot better about Kongo's future knowing that he is working his WHOLE game. He's lightyears ahead of where I thought he was and his future is crazy bright if he keeps working his ass off.

Dan Henderson vs. Anderson Silva (c) for the UFC Middleweight Championship - Round 1 - Dan tries to touch gloves, Anderson passes. Low kick from Dan. No action for the first minute until Dan punches. Silva with an uppercut and a high kick. Front kick lands glancing off Dan's face. Henderson with the first takedown of the fight. Anderson's length is making it hard for Henderson to be able to really open up, but Dan is able to land some hammerfists to the side of Silva's head. Henderson just misses a huge elbow. Henderson is in side control but Silva spins and regains full guard. The round ends and it was a really good one for Dan. 10-9 Henderson.
Round 2 - Right hand lands for Silva. Anderson is starting to look a little looser now. Silva ends up on top of Henderson now. Dan stands up and has a body lock against the fence. They spit and Silva lands a knee from the clinch and a flurry of punches. Henderson is on his back and Silva hits a big elbow. Dan is trying to regroup with Silva in his half guard. Silva takes Dan's back and gets the hooks in. Silva lands some big shots and locks in a body triangle. Choke is in with fifteen seconds left and Henderson taps out. ANDERSON SILVA! Anderson Silva wins by Submission - Rear Naked Choke. Anderson Silva retains the UFC Middleweight Championship. There's nobody left but Yushin Okami at this point.

Prelim action: Josh Koscheck vs. Dustin Hazelett - Round 1 - Hazelett pours on some big shots and is landing often. Kos lands a few big shots in return. Koscheck is working strong off the jab. Jab, high kick. Jab, right to the body. Right hand lands now for Josh and he grabs a leg. Dustin grabs a guillotine but Koscheck has an arm in. Back to standing they go and Hazelett lands some sharp leg kicks. Kos is landing some more solid shots. Double leg by Kos but Hazelett sinks in a triangle but time expires. 10-9 Koscheck off of the stronger striking throughout the round.
Round 2 - Left hook lands for Koscheck. Left high kick hurts Hazelett and Koscheck follows up with some more shots. Its a knockout. Josh Koscheck wins by TKO - Ref Stoppage (punches)

Full results after the jump

Jorge Gurgel defeated John Halverson by unanimous decision
Diego Sanchez defeated David Bielkheden by submission (strikes) - Round 1
Josh Koscheck defeated Dustin Hazelett by TKO (Ref Stoppage-Punches) - Round 2
Luigi Fioravanti defeated Luke Cummo by unanimous decision
Andrei Arlovski defeated Jake O'Brien by TKO (Ref Stoppage-Punches from mount) - Round 2
Jon Fitch defeated Chris Wilson by unanimous decision
Yushin Okami defeated Evan Tanner by KO (Knee) - Round 2
Chris Leben defeated Alessio Sakara by TKO (Ref Stoppage-Punches) - Round 1
Heath Herring defeated Cheick Kongo by Split Decision
Anderson Silva defeated Dan Henderson by Submission (guillotine choke) - Round 2

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