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Apologies For Being Lame

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I promised a few readers some retorts to some excellent questions about marijuana testing by athletic commissions in our sport and I am officially failing to deliver on that Yes, I know. It's pretty lame I'm not responding today, but guys, I've been exceptionally busy. That, in and of itself, is no excuse. And the superb questions deserve the responses. But I cannot shortchange the readers with weak or rushed responses carved out of 15 minutes in a very busy day. They deserve a little labor, but labor requires time and on time I am short.

Tomorrow, however, my guests leave and I have the entire late afternoon and evening free. I promise - PROMISE PROMISE - to get to the bottom of this situation. I recognize the validity and thoroughness of the questions being asked, but I also know that while the drum beat I keep isn't necessarily a key issue, it's important and one that deserves attention.

Stay tuned, people. It's on.