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What Is M-1?

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The news of Tim Sylvia talking of going to M-1 got me thinking again about M-1 Global's future.  Last October they signed Fedor, and started talking about potential TV deals.  After the smoke has settled, four months later, they seem to be no closer to doing a show, getting on TV, or signing any fighters besides Fedor.

Financially, M-1 needs to be willing to take some major hits to even survive a show.  Fedor commands 2 million dollars alone.  Add in cost of venue, the salary for the rest of the roster, cost of advertising, flying guys in, and all of the other smaller costs, and it's hard to imagine how M-1 can do an event without losing at least 1.5 million dollars. If they pay a lot for a guy like Barnett or Sylvia, even more.

I would not be surprised if we never see a M-1 show.  It appears to be little more than a front company dedicated to promoting Fedor.  From speaking with some fighters that were initially interested, they've also come to the conclusion that this thing is a sham.  Financially I can't see how they have a shot, even if they get small TV or run a couple of shows.  That Fedor contract is utterly crippling for a new company.  I just hope no fighters get caught up in all of this.