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Let's Make A Deal

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Is there anyone more delusional than Tim Sylvia?  He has no idea why people hate him, and has the most inflated sense of self-worth of any fighter out there.

Now Tim is saying that he plans on leaving the UFC for more money if he doesn't get a raise:

"I have one fight left on my contract," Sylvia wrote (and cleaned up for publication). "I want to stay with the UFC, but I am going to go were the money is. Right now Brock is making more money than me. That has to change. I have a better name than him, and I am a better fighter than him.

It's one thing to demand more money if you're an exciting fighter that draws fans.  Tim is boring as hell, and he is also a negative draw.  He's frankly overpaid at this point relative to the rest of the roster.  It's also sad that he's such a mark that he thinks pay has anything to do with how good of a fighter you are.

How about they take the money Tim makes and put it toward re-signing Andrei Arlovski, or signing Josh Barnett.  Tim won't be missed.