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Kimbo Slice on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

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From a press release in my inbox:

This just in: The incredibly popular YouTube fighting legend and Mixed Martial Arts superstar, Kimbo Slice, will be a special guest on the nationally televised Jimmy Kimmel Live show TONIGHT/Thursday at 12:05 a.m. ET/PT on ABC.

The always entertaining Kimbo (, who scored a 19-second, first-round knockout in his EliteXC and MMA debut in November, will discuss, among other things, his eagerly anticipated, long-awaited grudge fight with David "Tank'' Abbott ( set for Saturday, Feb. 16, at the BankUnited Center at the University of Miami on SHOWTIME.

Besides Kimbo, who is on the cover of the current edition of "Fighters Only,'' a top British magazine, Jimmy's guests Thursday/tonight will include TV personality "Dr. Phil" McGraw.

Update [2008-2-8 10:39:27 by Nick Thomas]: Here's the clip: