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Quote of the Day

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"The UFC is the current superpower in MMA, but they are treating their fighters like s---. Who does Dana White think he is, Don Corleone? He really shouldn't have let PRIDE die in Japan. ... If you are the second best show in the world and you kill the number one, you will still be the second best show.

On the other hand, I also admire the way UFC took MMA to the next level. The sport is mainstream now, and Zuffa has done a great job at making it come so far, but at the same time I think that their fighters are not the best fighters in the world, with all due respect. I make that assertion because I want to take on any UFC fighter in my weight class and I promise you that they will not make it till the end of the fight with me.

The "Afghan Killa" goes on to put his challenge in concrete terms: "Anderson Silva is the UFC's middleweight champion. Well, I want to fight him. Let's see if he can apply his Muay Thai style on me. … I don't think so! Instead I will be the one to give him a Muay Thai lesson."

-- Siyar Bahadurzada, Shooto's 183lbs. champion