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Finally - FINALLY - someone is doing something about this in Maryland. Notable quote:

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) -- Mixed martial arts competitions such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship are illegal in Maryland -- but one state lawmaker wants to change that.

Democratic Delegate Kirill Reznik of Montgomery County has proposed a bill allowing the mixed martial arts contests. He says the law change would allow Maryland to play host to nationally known events. Reznik has studied a version of a martial art called Chinese Kempo for more than 20 years.

Reznik says all Maryland's neighboring states except West Virginia allow the fights. Lawmakers in Michigan signed off on a similar bill about mixed martial arts last year.

MMA is legal in DC and Virginia, but not Maryland. For folks not familiar with this area, the three locales are all within very close proximity of each other and actually function as one metropolitan unit around DC. To have MMA legalized in Maryland completes the triad and opens up a great deal of new MMA East Coast opportunities.

Faster, please.