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Barnett To Fight In March; Wanderlei To Fight In May

Josh Barnett will be fighting Hidehiko Yoshida at World Victory Road's event on March 5th.

It's nice to see Josh fighting again, though I am more and more doubtful he will actually fight Fedor this year.

Additionally, Dana White mentioned in passing during the post-fight press conference that they are putting together a fight for Wanderlei Silva in May.  The odd man out in the Light Heavyweight division is Keith Jardine, so that will probably be the fight.  The May card is shaping up pretty well.

Update [2008-2-4 9:49:49 by Kid Nate]: 5oz has more on the rumored Silva/Jardine matchup.

Update [2008-2-4 11:21:39 by Nick Thomas]: WVR Press Conference