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Hell Of A Night

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First off, I'm very willing to take all the insults I deserve for picking Brock.  He looked great to start but his lack of ground experience caught up with him quickly.  It was a hell of an exciting minute though!  I wonder what's next for him...he costs too much to face a guy like Hardonk, I suspect they'll put him against a striker for him to take down.  Sylvia would probably be death, but it would be a spectacle.  Seeing Steve Austin hammered at UFC was awesome.

The moment of the night was Nog's comeback.  Just a classic and fabulous win.  I realize Randy is turning his life upside down to fight a guy some online fans think is best in the world, but he should stop this ridiculous charade and come fight Nogueira.

Elsewhere, the card was very entertaining.  I'm just thrilled Nogueira won, and I hope he fights Mir instead of Werdum.