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Ryo Chonan Needs Money - Will Get Some

On the 26th Suki MMA reported the following from Ryo Chonan's blog:

I suppose you say I'm so easy going to watch fights of other fighters. I actually want to know when my next fight is. I went to Thailand for Muay Thai training to keep my motivation up. It's sucks that I'm not injured but have no fight schedule. I know PRIDE light weight fighters were very patient last year.

My friend in the US talked to the UFC staff and told me that they offer me a fight sometimes soon. I haven't fought for a while and have no money. I cannot wait anymore, and decided to go to the US for 6 months from the middle of April.

Then on the 27th:

I got a call from my manager about my next fight this afternoon. What a coincidence! I wonder if someone who works for the UFC read my blog yesterday? I'm going to accept a fight with any fighters, so I think I can officially announce my next fight sometime soon. I am motivated to train for my next fight!

It's good to know that Ryo will be getting a fight soon but it is certainly disappointing to know that in the current "boom era" of MMA the largest MMA organization in the world isn't giving fighters big enough paydays that they are hitting the point where they are begging for a fight because they have no money.

Most of the money a fighter makes is still tied to sponsorships but if you're not being put on TV to promote your sponsors they're probably not going to sink much money into you.

The business side of the sport can still be really ugly sometimes.