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Lesnar Returns In August, Pulver/Faber For Free

Dave Meltzer has a piece up at Yahoo about the UFC/Bud light deal, and at the end he reports that Lesnar will return to the Octagon in August, and that Jens Pulver will fight Urijah Faber in a Free TV Special from Sacramento in the summer:

White also said that Brock Lesnar, whose debut on Feb. 2 led the company to one of its most successful pay-per-view events in its history, losing to Frank Mir, will have his second UFC fight in August. No opponent has been named but the leading candidate appears to be Justin McCulley.

He also said the most anticipated WEC match thus far, a featherweight title defense by Urijah Faber against Jens Pulver, will take place this summer from Sacramento as a live special on Versus.

I think it's probably a good thing to keep Lesnar out longer.  It looks like UFC in June will be on Spike, so they don't really need another draw, and the more time off to train before his next fight the better.  There are all sorts of rumors about who he's going to be training with, including BJ Penn, but it's unclear what is true at this point.

The Pulver/Faber news is good too, that PPV was going to bomb, but they can probably break a million viewers with this one if hyped well.  Lots of exciting news lately!