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Heath Herring Says Cheick Kongo Is "Tailor Made" For Him

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Believe it or not:

"He's gonna be a really good fight for me," said Herring of Kongo, who is fresh off a dominating three round win over Mirko Cro Cop last September. "You can say whatever you want about Cro Cop's performance but Kongo followed his game plan and came out with the win. He seems to be in pretty good condition and it seems like he likes to stand up and fight. That's a tailor-made opponent for me if you look at the way I like to fight and the things I like to do. I think it's a great fight all the way around and that's why the fans are really excited about it. They realize that this has the potential to be a pretty exciting bout."

I don't buy this at all. Herring's a good wrestler, yes. But Kongo's lone loss in the UFC was to a better wrestler than Herring who was using wrestling as an escape. I just don't see Herring having the single mindedness to keep looking for the takedown round after round. After the loss to Jake O'Brien, Herring remarked that he wanted to be exciting for the fans. He lives, a little, for the show of the fight. I believe he'll be baited into a kickboxing match long enough to lose.