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Will UFC Counter With Fox?

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Adam Swift at MMAPayout has this interesting tidbit in the aftermath of the CBS/Elite XC rumors:

Multiple sources have told that FOX is believed to have interest in MMA with rumors suggesting that the network even went so far as to make a bid on the UFC during recent negotiations. UFC President Dana White alluded to an unidentified network bidder in an interview with Steve Cofield earlier this month.

Also looks like Matt Lindland has signed with a new American promotion -- is this the rumored Affliction deal? MMA Weekly says yes:

Though Lindland would not divulge his new employer's identity, multiple MMAWeekly sources have confirmed that Affliction - a popular clothing company - is a primary partner in the deal. Sources also indicated that Affliction's partner in the new promotion is Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions.

I hate to see this -- it's like when Hershel Walker signed on with the New Jersey Generals. So goes the DREAM of Lindland fighting the best. American MMA is about to face a massive talent shortage. Is the world really ready for Matt Lindland vs Pete Sell on network TV?

Update [2008-2-27 19:32:23 by Kid Nate]:

Adam Swift points out that Affliction is rumored to be in partnership with Golden Boy productions. Dana better be cracking -- might not be long before he sees Matt Lindland on HBO.