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Kimbo Slice to Showtime's Rescue?

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Pure conjecture at this point, but aside from "The Tudors" what else could explain the jump? To wit:

Television industry trade publication is reporting that SHOWTIME's subscription base rose by 11% during the fourth quarter of 2007.

The news is very interesting because CBS's profit fell by 19% to $271 million last quarter. SHOWTIME is owned by CBS so it is surging upward during a time where many of the company's other properties were on the decline.

Variety does not offer any analysis for the reason in SHOWTIME's growth in subscribers, but it would be hard to discount the premium-based network's decision to begin televising EliteXC events.

I'm an hardcore fan, but for what it's worth I picked up Showtime and plan on picking up HDNet when I upgrade my television system this summer.