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Dan Henderson's Way to Win: Keep 'Em Guessing

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There's a decent article on Sherdog that describes a macro view of the American's game plan heading into Saturday's title fight. Notable quote:

For that reason, Henderson says he presents a challenge others did not. Silva's recent opposition could not take him out of his element for long. Henderson believes he can. He believes the key is not to try to trap Silva on the floor the entire fight but rather to keep him guessing. To keep him worrying about takedowns until he loses his rhythm on the feet, to keep him considering Henderson's hands until he forgets about Henderson's takedowns.

With that strategy in mind, Lindland expects a genuine MMA bout, one involving all facets of the game.

"I don't think Dan's as accurate or as quick with his striking, but he's certainly got a lot more power than Anderson," Lindland says. "Anderson is very good at what he does, but I think Dan is very dangerous because he can knock a guy out with one punch. And he can lock you inside that clinch and he can put Anderson on his back and finish the fight from the top position."

Lindland doesn't foresee Silva stopping Henderson's takedowns either.

"I would think a two-time Olympian could take down a guy who's never wrestled that well," he says. "Yep."

This is Team Quest's bread and butter: keep the opponent guessing. They are masters of faking shots and throwing hooks or feinting a hook and shooting a double. Or clinching. Whatever. The point is that the Team Quest play book has this strategy written down as a core principle and very few are as good at executing it as Dan Henderson.

Second, Silva's never gone five rounds and for those who've never trained, let me tell you from personal experience that the clinch can be enormously fatiguing when you're working against a guy with great Greco skills. They just keep attacking, keep pummeling for inside control, keep angling, keep off balancing and keep pressuring. It's extraordinarily tiring and I believe this fight will really test Silva's cardio.

And while Ryo Chonan isn't Dan Henderson, part of Silva's tentativeness when fighting The Piranha was partly due to Chonan's unpredictability. I don't think Dan will be able to find the same exit strategy Chonan did, but Dan's also got a lot more tools in the tool box.

This is going to be one for the ages.